Alphamesh is a high-quality, decorative façade and surface material, consisting of many thousands of interwoven metal rings. It exhibits parallels to the utilisation of fabric in its nature and its many conceivable applications.

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Alphamesh ring mesh

Many thousand individual rings combine in alphamesh to form a mesh with a unique radiance. Comparable in the original appearance with softly cascading lengths of material, individuality emerges in the implementation: virtually unlimited, because alphamesh can be manufactures in optional dimensions. The multiform mesh particularly attracts attention in 3D structures. In the third dimension, technical precision combines with organic forms and orchestrates space-creating and room-shaping symphonies. At the same time, it makes no difference whether one utilises alphamesh twisted, bent, elongated, tensioned, braced or suspended, since the flexible ring mesh can be utilised in a variety of ways.

The combination of alphamesh with the medium light features an inherent fascination. Then the transparent ring structure depicts motion pictures and silhouettes with a distinct dynamic. This is intensified through the reflections in the polished surface of every single metal ring, which gives the overall image a special sheen.

You may think that everything flows. Yet this is somewhat different than expected when alphamesh and water coalesce. The mesh alters the dynamics of flowing water and isolates portions of the plummeting torrent on its surface into rivulets, in order to ultimately transfer gravitational force to the individual drops over and over again.

Technical qualities
In a technical sense, alphamesh is also a material with outstanding characteristics. Because for one thing there is the relatively slight weight, which with a ring diameter of 12 mm in the stainless steel version is not more than 3.2 kilograms per square metre. For another thing, it is the high tensile strength that alphamesh brings to bear as a special feature. Every single ring, also in relation to a diameter of 12 mm in stainless steel, withstands a tension of more than 800 newtons. This corresponds to 51 kN/m² on the surface.

As a matter of principle, alphamesh ring mesh is available to architects, interior designers and designers in the standard diameters 7 mm or 12 mm. Ring materials are stainless steel, bronze or the combination of stainless steel and bronze, the so-called bicolour.

The manufacturing process employed for alphamesh makes it possible to manufacture fabric from ring mesh in optional dimensions. Moreover, the company’s vertical range of manufacture allows the development and production of customer-specific ring meshes. At the same time, dimensions and individual fabrications are always linked to the constructional and structural-physical conditions of the planned structure.

Alphamesh scale mesh

Alphamesh scale mesh is available for architects, interior designers and designers in two different material versions, brass or aluminium. The capsule (scale) diameter of 5.8 mm and the number of capsules per square metre (27,750) is the same for both variations. Every capsule combines four ring elements in a mesh grid of 6 mm to one unit. Naturally the weight per square metre of both scale meshes is different: here the brass scale weighs twice as many kilos as the mesh made of aluminium scales.

Alphamesh scale meshes are produced with a specially developed manufacturing process. The scale mesh is available as delivered goods in the maximum dimensions of 3 m (height) x 6 m (width). Individual dimensions can be manufactured on request.

Alphamesh scale meshes are design-oriented, formative elements of architecture, interior design and creative applications. Flexibility, lightness and the special structure of the mesh underscore the high measure of stand-along appearance. The material acquires individuality through the possibility to design the typical capsules/scales in colour.

Inside or outside?
Alphamesh scale mesh is predestined for applications inside a building. But this does not preclude application in outdoor areas. In order to be able to guarantee the valuable appearance and integrity of the scale mesh, the separate scrutiny of any outdoor application is advisable.

Download the Alphamesh brochure